Powell & Jones
Certified Public Accountants

Our Specialized Services to County and City Governments

From our long standing relationships with County and City governments, our firm has developed the following specialized consulting and management advisory services which we provide to our governmental clients:

  • Budget preparation assistance.    These services include analysis of financial condition, financial review of budget documents and assistance with workshops, public hearings, and TRIM compliance.  Each governing body, of course, is responsible for all budget related decisions and our role is to provide them accurate objective information to assist them in making informed decisions.


  • Financing proposals.    These services entail developement of financial plans to provide funding for capital improvements, preparation of "Requests for Proposals" for approved financing, and assistance to the government in evaluating proposals received.  These services encompass both refinancing current debt and new issuances.


  • Financial studies.    Over the years, we have completed a variety of special studies and projects for local governments to provide our governmental clients with pertinent information to assist them in making decisions on related important issues.


  • Financial statements.    In accordance with our all inclusive services concept, we prepare the financial reports, including all GASB-34 components for all of our governmental clients.


  • Computer assisted auditing.    All of our professional staff are well versed in the applications of financial software for local governments and non-profit agencies.  To remain effective in competitive governmental engagements, we have developed state of the art audit procedures utilizing computer assisted analysis with remote internet access, and electronic "paperless" working papers and word processing report preparation.  Our commitment to technology will allow us to provide timely services and accounting support throughout the year.  Also, We utilize our computer skills to the greatest extent possible in performing audits through integration of client computer systems with our computerized audit and filing software. 


  • Federal and State Single Audits.    Most of our forty-two governmental and non-profit clients receive State and Federal grant funds that require audits under the State and Federal Single Audit Regulations.  We thus annually perform approximately thirty-five Single Audits, and are thus well experienced in these types of audits.


  • GASB 34 Reporting Model.    We have prepared GASB 34 compliant financial reports for all of our governmental clients since those requirements became effective in 2004.  We generally prepare all sections of the financial report for our clients, including a draft of the Management's Discussion and Analysis.